Which credit card is right for you?


When it comes to credit cards, consumers are spoilt for choice because there are so many banks that offer all types of credit cards. You are now free to use Visa or Mastercard with a minimum income of RM24,000 per annum.

Application for credit cards can be so easy where you can pretty much get a card
within hours through the mobile counters set up by banks like Standard Chartered, OCBC and any other banks you can think of at popular shopping malls.

Thus, with so many types of cards available, how do you determine which one is the best?

Credit limit

This is the main issue for most people and take note that it does not mean the one with the highest credit limit will be most suitable. You have to think about whether you are able to pay back the amount you used on your credit card each month. If possible, you must consider the fact that you can pay back in full. If that is the case, then any card will do for you just fine.

Special privileges

Co-branded cards are very useful if you have certain commitments. For example, if you pay your insurance policy monthly and would like the convenience of using credit cards, you can consider the OCBC Great Eastern card. If you are movie fanatic and watches movies at GSC all the time, then you might want to consider applying for the GSC co-branded cards from Hong Leong Bank.

For the shopaholics, most credit cards today offer zero-percent interest installment plans for selected merchants and retailers. If you like to purchase items like mobile phones, gadgets and even wellness services, then these cards are your cup of tea. Find those that offer the longest period for repayment like AmBank credit cards that offer up to 36 months 0% interest plans while other banks will offer varying durations.


There are many cards today that provide cashback facilities. This depends largely on where you usually shop and buy your groceries. There are certain credit cards that offer cashback up to 10% for purchases. If you like to shop at AEON or Jusco, then the AEON Credit Cards would be most appropriate. Most credit cards offer different cashback facilities at different stores, so you should choose your card wisely. Meanwhile, take note that there is a maximum cashback or rebates for petrol purchases as stipulated by the government.