UOB Credit Cards


UOB or United Overseas Bank is one of the oldest banks in Malaysia. The bank offers a wide variety of financial services to Malaysians from all walks of life that range from housing loans to investment facilities as well as credit cards. Similar to other banks, the credit cards offered through OUB provide credit facilities for purchases of products and services which come with interest-free installments, purchase protection and other privileges.

UOB offers credit cards from both VISA and MasterCard where there are several choices that the customer can choose from. The bank is one of the few which provides different choices for female customers through its Solitaire cards.


The standard minimum requirement to apply for a credit card in Malaysia is that you must be above 21 years of age with at least RM24,000 income per year. Depending on the card that you are applying for, these requirements differ especially in terms of income level.

Cards for Women

UOB offers 3 types of cards which are targeted only for women customers.

UOB Lady’s Solitaire MasterCard

The UOB Solitaire MasterCard comes with women-only privileges which are exclusively designed for this customer group. This card however is a premium card which is targeted at the high-income group who earns a minimum of RM120,000 per annum.

UOB Lady’s Platinum MasterCard

This card comes with similar privileges as the Solitaire except that it comes with lower credit limit and can be applied by women who earns more than RM48,000 per year. There is a UOB Lady’s LuxePay Easi Payment Plan which provide installment plans for certain purchases.

UOB Lady’s MasterCard

The standard card for women is the UOB Lady’s MasterCard which is the basic credit card that provides standard credit facilities and services.


UOB One Visa Platinum

The UOB Visa Platinum targeted for working adults with a minimum annual income of RM36,000

UOB One Visa Classic

This card is the basic VISA credit card offered by UOB. The unique feature of this card is that UOB offers cash back for all purchases like movie tickets, petrol and at certain pharmaceutical retailers.

UOB Visa Infinite

The UOB VISA Infinite is perhaps the most prestigious card offered by UOB. The term ‘Infinite’ here means that only certain customers who are invited to own this card would have it. There is no minimum income requirement to apply for this card as they are decided on a case-by-case basis. This card comes with some of the best privileges and benefits as compared to all other cards.

UOB Preferred Platinum Visa

The VISA card with Platinum privileges, this card is ideal for those who enjoy lifestyle, fine dining and golfing as they are the main target groups. To apply for this card, you need to have at least RM70,000 annual income.


This card is targeted at the tech-savvy and outgoing category of customers. The VOX VISA card is specifically designed for those who like to shop online. Cash back provided include 5% for online purchases while buying from other retailers could give you up to 3% cash back as well.