Standard Chartered Credit Cards


Standard Chartered Bank is among the few international banks with a strong presence in Malaysia. The bank is among the oldest ones that have been operating in the country for many decades where it is among the major players of this industry. Standard Chartered offers a wide range of financial services that include loans, savings accounts as well as credit cards.

There are several types of credit cards offered by Standard Chartered which are targeted for customers in different market segments and needs. There are the standard and classic cards which offer basic credit facilities for payments and purchases as well as co-branded cards which offer more specialized privileges. As with most banks, credit cards offered through Standard Chartered are authorized through VISA and MasterCard, two of the most widely accepted brands in the world.


From Standard Chartered, the eligibility to apply for credit cards is the same as provided by the government. You will need to have a minimum income of RM24,000 to apply for the classic card and more for cards with more privileges and credit limit. This must be proven by providing documents like your latest payslips or Income Tax returns forms. On top of that, you will need to be at least 21 years of age in order to be eligible.

Classic and Gold Cards

The Classic and Gold cards are the basic credit cards available from Standard Chartered. Both Classic and Gold Cards share similar benefits where they differ in terms of eligibility and credit limit. The minimum amount needed to apply for the classic card is RM24,000 per annum while you will need to earn at least RM36,000 per year to apply for the Gold card.

Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Priority Banking Visa Infinite Credit Card is a card which is offered by invitation only and is usually targeted for privileged customers. This card comes with a Priority Pass which allows you access to more than 600 airport lounges around the world.

Preferred Banking World MasterCard Credit Card

The Preferred Banking World MasterCard offered by this bank is for those in the higher income bracket with a minimum of RM72,000 per year. This card will provide you with extra privileges when you bank with Standard Chartered.

WorldMiles MasterCard World Credit Card

The WorldMiles MasterCard is a basic card which is targeted for frequent travelers. This card can be applied by those earning RM24,000 per year who will enjoy BIG Points from AirAsia and extra privileged when you buy air tickets using this card.

JustOne Platinum MasterCard

The JustOne Platinum MasterCard is an ideal card for those who like rebates, which are shoppers. You can enjoy up to 15% rebates in all petrol stations up to the maximum amount allowed.

Business Visa Platinum & Gold Credit Card

These cards are cards that offer credit facilities for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Visa translucent credit card

The basic Visa translucent card is targeted for those who are cost conscious as it has a lower interest rate, and standard privileges. However, there are no reward points offered for this card which is mainly targeted for the young, outgoing and chic.