Public Bank Credit Cards


Most if not all banks today offer credit card facilities to its customers. Public Bank Berhad, one of the most reputable banks in Malaysia offer both Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards which are provided under several categories.

Credit card services are among the most popular products offered by Public Bank Berhad for its customers where they are given a certain credit limit for spending on purchase of products and services.

As it is a regulation from the government of Malaysia, customers who want to apply for a credit card must fulfill all the following criteria:

  • They must be above 21 years of age with a constant source of income.
  • Income per year must be at least RM24,000.

To apply for a credit card, you will need to provide the following documents to prove that you have met the criteria. This includes:

  • The latest 3 months payslip from your current employer
  • Offer letter of the position you are holding

Types of cards

Public Bank offers a wide range of credit cards which are either Visa or Mastercard. These cards are then further expanded to provide additional services and privileges for certain segments of customers which are commonly known as co-branded cards which are collaboration between the bank and other companies. This means that you will enjoy extra privileges when you are using the card for the specific co-brand.

Classic and Gold Cards

The Classic and Gold Visa and Mastercards are the most common types of credit card. Between the classic and gold cards, the main difference is the minimum income you should have which will then govern the credit limit which will be offered to you.

Visa and Mastercard Platinum

The platinum cards are targeted for those in the higher income bracket where you will enjoy platinum privileges. However, this is mainly meant for those in the managerial levels in which they will need more credit facilities.

PB Visa Electron

The PB Visa Electron card is actually a debit card offered by the bank with credit card facilities

 PB-Esso Mobil Visa Gold Credit Card

This card comes with privileges like a 5% returns on fuel and other non-fuel purchases at Mobil, Esso and Petron stations around the country.

Mutual Gold-PB Visa Platinum

This card is offered only to Mutual Gold and Mutual Gold Elite Members of the Public Mutual Fund.

PB Visa Infinite Credit Card

The PB Visa Infinite Credit Card is a special card which is extended by invitation to privileged customers who will enjoy more benefits and higher credit limit.

PB Visa Commercial Card

The Visa Commercial Card is meant for corporate users which are often extended for its employers for small operational purchases.

PB-AIA Visa Gold Credit Card

This card is meant for AIA insurance policy holders who will enjoy 2% cash rebates for making their payment through the credit card and other purchases.

PB Executive MasterCard

This card is among the standard cards offered by Public Bank. You will only need a minimum of RM24,000 yearly income. This card is available in different colours to better reflect the personality of the card holder.