Hong Leong Bank Credit Cards

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Hong Leong Bank, among all other banks in Malaysia offers a wide range of credit cards which are targeted for specific consumer groups. This is to facilitate the different needs of its customers who come from all walks of life where they basically share certain similarities while the more specialized cards will offer more privileges and benefits from the partnering companies.

The standard eligibility to apply for a credit card with Hong Leong is as follow:

  • At least 21 years of age and not above 65. However, if you are applying for the Platinum Business Card, you must be 25 years old and above.
  • Annual income of at least RM24,000 and is a citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia. This is the requirement to apply for the classic card. If you are applying for gold or other cards, the income requirements will be higher.
  • If you are employed, you will need to show proof of employment by providing the latest 3 months’ pay slip from your employer.
  • You would need to show your latest EPF statement which states at least 6 months of your contribution to the fund and your latest BE form.
  • Other documents include 3 months’ bank statements or your savings passbook and your offer letter from the employer.
  • For the self-employed or business owners, you will need to show 6 months’ bank statement as proof of income, your latest Form B and your latest EPF statement that shows you have contributed for at least 6 months.

As it is with most credit cards, you can apply for both the VISA and Mastercard credit cards among the following choices.

Classic Card

Standard credit card with credit facility for purchases of products and services. This is the most basic card you can apply for.

Gold Card

The Gold card is similar to the Classic card with more privileges and higher credit limit. You will need to have a higher income to be eligible.

Wise Card

The Wise Card provides is meant for shoppers who will enjoy 10% cash back returns for purchases.

Platinum Card

This card gives you a higher credit limit as compared to the Gold and Classic cards as well as more privileges.

Platinum Business Card

This card is targeted for business owners and executives.

Hong Leong Visa Signature Card

This card is targeted for those who enjoy the luxurious lifestyle.

Essential Card

This card allows you to enjoy the privileges of every credit card for convenience.

ACCCIM Credit Card

This card provides financial services especially for members of ACCCIM (Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce Malaysia)

MTV Card

The MTV Card is a card targeted for the young adult with discounts for concert tickets and other entertainment services.

American Express

This card functions like a credit card through the American Express network.

Fortune Credit Card

The Fortune Credit Card provides cash back on transactions made through this facility.

GSC-Hong Leong Gold & Platinum Credit Card

A special privilege card for the customer to enjoy benefits like purchasing of movie tickets in GSC

Insurance Gold & Platinum Business Credit Card

This card is meant for members of INFIAGAM or ING Insurance Agency Force Association Malaysia.

Hong Leong MATTA Credit Card, MRCA Gold & Platinum Credit Card and The Store and Pacific – Hong Leong Gold & Platinum Credit Card

These cards are specifically designed for those who make purchases with the following organisations.

MATTA – Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents

MRCA – Malaysian Retailer-Chains Association

The Store and Pacific – Up to 6% cash back in purchases with The Store and Pacific