CIMB Credit Cards


CIMB is the second largest bank in Malaysia after Maybank. This bank has one of the largest networks of bank branches located around the country. There are many products and financial services offered by CIMB Bank which cover the likes of hire purchase, loans, wealth management as well as credit and debit cards.

CIMB provides credit card services to its customers who enjoy the credit facilities for their purchases and payment for bills, insurance and other commitments. This is facilitated through the Visa and MasterCard networks respectively while there are several other co-branded cards which come with specific benefits and privileges as well.


To apply for credit cards offered by CIMB, you will need to meet a certain requirements where you must be at least 21 years of age with a stable and consistent income which must be at least RM24,000 to qualify for the basic credit card.

Classic, gold and platinum cards

AmBank offers the full range of standard credit cards that provide basic to platinum credit facilities. This is where you can apply for the Classic, Gold or Platinum cards which are offered in Visa and MasterCard options. The Classic card is for those who earn at least RM24,000 per year while you can opt for the Gold cards if your yearly income is at least RM36,000. Meanwhile, to be eligible for the Platinum cards, your annual income would need to be at least RM60,000.

The main difference between the 3 types of cards is in the privileges. You will enjoy higher credit limit for the Platinum cards as this is determined through your ability to repay for the transactions. Meanwhile, platinum card holders will usually enjoy additional benefits in selected merchants.

CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard

The CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum MasterCard is a unique card which is mainly targeted for shoppers and those who like online shopping. This is where you will enjoy up to 5% cashback for purchases made online as well as 2% rebates for purchases like petrol and other utilities.

CIMB Petronas Gold and Platinum MasterCard

The CIMB Petronas Gold MasterCard is a co-branded card which provides you with a 2% cashback return when you pay for petrol at Petronas stations as well as for purchases in the convenience stores. This card comes with a Platinum version which offers higher credit limit and more privileges as well.

CIMB Touch ‘n Go Visa Gold and Platinum

The Touch N Go Visa Gold card is a co-branded card offered by CIMB which comes with the Touch ‘N Go feature. This means that you can use it in highways and for any payment that use this system. reloading can be done automatically with no extra fees charged.

CIMB Enrich World MasterCard and Gold MasterCard

The Enrich World MasterCard is targeted for frequent travelers who mainly use Malaysia Airlines. You can collect Enrich points for purchases made on this card that can be converted for travel privileges like discounts and other benefits.

CIMB Signature Visa

This card is specially targeted for those in the high income bracket with a minimum of RM100,000 annual income. This card comes with

CIMB Infinite

The CIMB Infinite card is for those earning RM200,000 and above per year who enjoy 1% cashback if you spend overseas, making this card an ideal one for travelers.