BSN Credit Cards


BSN or Bank Simpanan Nasional is one of the major banks in Malaysia where it is often known for its stability as it is backed by the government. This bank offers several types of banking services to its customers and has a very comprehensive network of branches in the country. BSN is a very popular bank because it has many branches located even in the rural areas of the country while some of its banking services are available in Post Offices as well.

One of the services that are offered by BSN is its credit card facilities. BSN offers credit cards that are issued through the VISA and MasterCard networks where there are the standard cards that offer basic credit facilities as well as a few co-branded cards.


The standard requirement to apply for a credit card is that you must be at least 21 years of age with a consistent source of income. If you are employed, then you will need to provide documented evidence that you earn a minimum of RM24,000 per annum. This can be done through showing the 3 latest payslips from your employer and other supporting documents like your EPF contribution.

Types of cards

Classic and Gold cards

The standard and basic cards offered by BSN are the Classic VISA and MasterCard credit cards. These are those that offer credit facilities for payments and purchases. The minimum requirement to apply for the classic cards is that you must earn at least RM24,000 per annum.

However, if you would like more privileges and has more earnings, you could opt for the Gold cards in which you can enjoy higher credit limit and additional discounts and coverage.

Platinum cards

The BSN Platinum VISA and MasterCards are for those in the executive levels who would like a more prestigious and luxurious facility. This card is intended for those who earn at least RM60,000 per year which comes with Platinum rewards and points.

BSN Al Aiman Credit Cards

One of the unique cards offered by BSN is their Al-Aiman credit cards. There are a few types of cards available under this scheme which is a Shariah compliant credit card which is issued under the Shariah contract of Ujrah. The cards that are available under the Al Aiman line includes:

  • BSN Al Aiman-i MasterCard Gold
  • BSN Al Aiman-i MasterCard Classic
  • BSN Al Aiman-i Visa Gold
  • BSN Al Aiman-i Visa Classic

UUM BSN-i MasterCard Platinum and Gold

This co-branded card is mainly for members and customers who are associated with UUM or Universiti Utara Malaysia. These cards are only for members where the gold card can be applied for those earning at least RM24,000 per annum while the Platinum card can be applied by those earning RM60,000 and above.

BSN 1TeachersCard MasterCard

This is the most unique co-branded card offered by BSN. It is meant only for teachers who are serving the Education Ministry around the country. The card is offered through a strategic partnership with Yayasan Guru Malaysa Bhd where there are special privileges for teachers and extra benefits like lower interest rates and others.