Bank Islam Credit Cards

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Bank Islam is one of the most established banks in Malaysia. The banks offer all types of financial services to its customers ranging from loans, accounts and credit cards. Credit cards offer customer with a credit facility to purchase products and services on a credit policy where the bank will charge interest for the repayment method which is usually through installments.

Through Bank Islam, customers are able to choose among the many different types of credit card services available. Bank Islam offers both Visa and MasterCard cards respectively which are among the most widely accepted card companies in the world.

Once you use the Bank Islam credit cards, you can enjoy interest free purchase from selected retailers and vendors while the bank offers balance transfer, insurance and other privileges as well. The standard eligibility to apply for the cards is that you must be at least 21 years of age and have a healthy credit status with a consistent income of at least RM24,000 per year.

Classic Cards

With the minimum requirements, you will be eligible to apply for the classic Visa or MasterCard. This will give you a standard credit limit and all the standard facilities. Classic card provide a certain short-term finance-charge free period while most of them provide you with balance transfer facilities as well as travel insurance, purchase protections and others.

Gold Cards

Meanwhile, for those in the higher income bracket and would like to enjoy a higher credit limit can opt for the Gold cards which come in both Visa and MasterCard. The cards offered by Bank Islam are based on the Syariah contract which is free from ‘Riba’ and ‘Gharar’.

 Bank Islam – Alumni UiTM Platinum MasterCard Card-i

The Bank Islam – Alumni UiTM Platinum MasterCard Card-i meanwhile is a co-branded card between Bank Islam and UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) which is targeted for alumni, friend and families of the university. This

Bank Islam Platinum Visa Credit Card-i

This card is a Visa credit card which is based on the Tawarruq contract. It is basically a platinum card that offers higher Takafaul travel, protection insurance and others. This card comes with a  20-day finance charge-free period for your purchases while you enjoy a low interest rate for cash advance.

Platinum Card-i

The Platinum Card-I from Bank Islam is very much the same as the Platinum Visa Credit Card0-i where the main difference is that it is offered under MasterCard which comes with a same set of facilities and services.

Bank Islam World Mastercard Card

This is the flagship credit card offered by Bank Islam. The World MasterCard is a prestigious card that comes with standard privileges and rebates for purchases, very much like a standard credit card.