Ambank Credit Cards


AmBank is formerly known as Arab-Malaysian Bank and is one of the most established and larger banking groups in Malaysia. Today, AmBank offers a comprehensive range of financial facilities and services to its customers from all walks of life. It offers cash management like savings and current accounts, loans and hire purchase as well as credit and debit card facilities.

Ambank’s credit cards are issued through the Visa and MasterCard networks respectively where they provide credit facilities for purchases and payment for services. There are the standard cards that are fully offered by Ambank as well as the co-branded credit cards where you can enjoy additional benefits from the partnering organisations involved.


To be eligible to apply for a credit card with AmBank, you will need to be at least 21 years of age with a minimum income of RM24,000 per year. You will need to provide the documents to support your income like your payslips and EA forms, among others.

Visa Signature

The Ambank Visa Signature card is targeted to the executives and those in the managerial positions. This card can be applied by those who earn at least RM100,000 per year and would like to enjoy benefits in golfing, fine dining and other luxury services. On top of that, the Signature card offer points for those who are frequent flyers.

AmBankRockwills Visa Card

To apply for this card, you need to have an annual income of RM80,000 or more. This co-branded card is specially designed for members and agents of Rockwills group.

AmBank Platinum and AmBank Gold

The AmBank Platinum and Gold cards are standard credit cards which provide you with credit facilities. To be eligible for the gold cards, you will need to have a minimum annual income of RM36,000 while to apply for the Platinum cards, you must earn at least RM60,000 per year.

AmBank True

The AmBank True credit card is the flagship card that offers points and privileges when you make payments for products and services. This card is targeted for the everyday consumer with an annual income of RM36,000.

AmBank Imagine Visa Card

AmBank offers the basic credit card through its Imagine card. You only need to earn at least RM24,000 per year to be eligible for this card which comes with discounts at selected vendors and merchants as well as other facilities like balance transfer and installment plans.

AmBankCARz Card

This co-branded card is offered by AmBank with that offers you benefits and discounts when you send your vehicle to CARz for maintenance and other services.

AmBankCosway MasterCard

For those who use Cosway products, this card is an ideal payment option. Through the AmBankCosway MasterCard, you can now enjoy more points from AmBank as well as up to 3x Cosway points when you purchase products from the brand. On top of that, all other credit card facilities and services are offered as well.

AmBank Premium Cards

The AmBankPermium Cards are the latest products offered by the bank where they include both Visa and MasterCard basic cards respectively.