Affin Bank Credit Cards


Affin Bank is among the few major banks in Malaysia. Among all the banks in the country Affin Bank is often regarded as among the least popular. However, the bank has a steady group of loyal customers who use the financial services like loans, accounts and credit cards.

Affin Bank’s credit cards are very popular where they are used mainly for purchases of products and services. There are several types of credit cards offered by Affin Bank which provide different types of credit facilities for its customers which will bring about a broad range of discounts, promotions and specific benefits usually offered by the brand owners.

In order to be eligible to apply for a credit card, you must meet a certain criteria and requirements which are stipulated under the Malaysian law. You must be at least 21 years of age to hold any credit card and under Affin Bank, you cannot be more than 60 years of age when applying for one. You can however offer a supplementary card to your dependents but they must be more than 18 years old.

In terms of income, you will need to earn at least RM24,000 per year to qualify for the Classic Card. For any cards that offer higher credit limit, you will need to prove that you have higher income per year. This is usually facilitated by providing your latest 3 months’ payslip when applying for the card.

Below are the credit cards offered by Affin Bank.

Affinbank Touch ‘n Go MasterCard Gold

This card is a co-branded card that provides you with Touch ‘N Go faculties that can be used on highways and public transportation. This card comes with benefits like rewards and flexi-pay while offering cashback facilities as well. The minimum income needed to apply for this card is RM36,000 per annum.

Affinbank BHPetrol Touch & Fuel MasterCard

This co-branded card between Affin Bank and BhPetrol offers you an uncapped RM20 cash back petrol credit. You will enjoy other standard benefits which include 0.8% cash back at BhPetrol and retail purchases.

Classic Cards

Under Affin Bank, you can choose the classic cards offered by MasterCard and Visa. They are Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard Classic and Visa Classic respectively. These 2 cards are the basic credit cards you can apply for as long as you meet the minimum requirements of RM24,000 income per year and between 21 and 60 years of age.

Gold Cards

The Gold Cards are basically the same type of cards offered by Affin Bank where you can choose to apply for the Affinbank Gold MasterCard and Visa Cards. You will need to have a minimum of RM36,000 income per year where you can enjoy higher credit limit, more privileges as well as better insurance coverage and protection for your purchases.