AEON Credit Cards


Unlike standard banks, the AEON Credit Service is a financial organization that offers credit services to consumers around the country. The company is affiliated with the department store formerly known as Jusco and today, AEON is among the few major companies that offer credit and other financial services particularly in the retail sector.

AEON has several schemes that customers can apply for to facilitate their purchase of products and services. There are installment plans, personal financing and credit cards. Through the AEON Credit Service, you can now apply for the VISA and MasterCard credit cards that are offered by this company where they are all designed to provide more benefits and privileges.


To be eligible for the AEON Credit Cards, you will need to be at least 21 years of age with a steady income stream. The minimum requirement for income is RM24,000 per year with a healthy credit health status. There are in general the classic and gold cards that you can apply for while AEON offers co-branded cards where you can enjoy additional discounts at selected retailers.

Classic and Gold Cards

The classic and gold cards offered by AEON are standard credit cards which are similar to most other cards in the market. If you are above 21 years old and has a minimum of RM24,000 income per year, then you will be eligible for the classic VISA and MasterCard.

However, if you would like to enjoy more benefits and higher credit limit, you can apply for the Gold cards where you will need to have at least RM36,000 income per annum.

New Classic and Gold Cards

AEON launched a new fleet of Classic and Gold cards recently which provides additional benefits to the customers. This new series come with more benefits where you can now collect points when you shop at any AEON stores or other retailers associated with this company. Cards available in this range include:

  • New AEON VISA Classic and Gold
  • New AOEN MasterCard Classic and Gold


Cruize VISA Classic and Gold

The Cruize VISA Classic and Gold cards are co-branded cards between AEON and AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia) and is meant to be the motoring companion for vehicle owners. Payment for AAM membership can be done using this card through a 0% interest installment plan, on top of many other additional benefits.


This co-branded card provides you with privileges when you dine at any Watami outlets. This is one of the large networks of Japanese cuisine with more than 600 outlets in Japan and many more across Asia, including Malaysia.